Not ‘Just a Building’

Brody Hale’s Fight to Save Catholic Churches By Meghan Ferrara It’s happening across the West. In recent years, a slow trickle has been turning into a steady stream — and in many countries, a Niagara — of beautiful, historic churches being shuttered.  The grief and frustration from these losses affect entire communities. Worse, most Catholics … Read more

Nothingness Doesn’t Reflect God

An Interview with Chicago Artist Daniel Mitsui REGINA writer Meghan Cesar interviews Daniel Mitsui, a Chicago-based Catholic artist, who supports his growing family creating Gothic religious artwork.  Mitsui uses medieval materials to make timeless illustrations rich in symbolism, color, and Biblical truths.  He believes it was the beauty and rich teachings in Gothic art that … Read more

Royalty in the Cathedral

by Meghan Ferrara PHOTO BY MARY LOU OLSEN Out of the blazing sun, I stepped across the threshold into the cool sanctuary of the Cathedral. It was August 24, 2014 — the 800th anniversary of the birth of St. Louis and the 250th anniversary of the founding of the city of St Louis. I was … Read more

Catholic Dance Party

PHOTOS BY Evan Roesler It happens once a month, smack dab in the middle of one of the Left Coast’s most ‘progressive’ cities:  Portland, Oregon. Dozens of young Catholics from five -area parishes have way too much fun doing what their local peers can only dream of — dancing the night away with a bunch … Read more

Shall We Dance?

A Catholic Ball in Chicago by Meghan Ferrara and Evan Wing Lovely ladies in elegant Ball gowns. Handsome gentlemen in formal wear. A waltz under a crystal chandelier. No, it wasn’t a scene from Downton Abbey. It was very real, this summer, in Chicago. A gala Ball at the stunning Preston Bradley Hall was hosted … Read more

Majestic Saint Mary’s Lives Again

Interview by Michael Durnan Photos by Joseph Shaw and John Aron Father Armand de Malleray is the pastor of the FSSP Shrine of St. Mary, in Warrington, Lancashire. The church is a priceless treasure, a Grade One listed building designed by the 19th century English architects E. W. Pugin and P. P. Pugin. In June 2017 this 19th … Read more

True Saints

By Meghan Cesar Kristyn Brown is a young Catholic photographer who has been capturing modern portrayals of Catholic saints since 2015. She has created over forty images of the Saints and has been commissioned by organizations such as The World Meeting of Families to create her photos.  She is a current member and huge fan … Read more

Turning the Artistic Tide in the Post-Conciliar Era

By Adrian Hau Photos Courtesy of St. John Cantius Church The tradition of making fine art, particularly religious art and classical church architecture, has largely disappeared in the post-conciliar era.  Nearly all accredited and degree-granting art and architecture programs no longer teach the techniques of the Renaissance and academic masters, choosing instead to favor novelty … Read more

Tradition is the New Counterculture

Stylist:  Monica Mountain Model: Eva Mountain I guess I’m just a little different then most.   I love my family.  My grandparents were and are Catholic. My mom is ‘spiritual but not religious.’ My dad is nothing, I guess. I actually don’t see the point to living as my parents have lived without hope, without traditions. … Read more

A Beautiful Catholic Lady

Beautiful Catholic Lady

A Beautiful Catholic Lady In real life, Beatrice “Bice” di Folco Portinari 1266–1290) was a Florentine woman, the daughter of a banker.  In the imagination of Italy’s greatest poet, she appears as Dante Aligheri’s guide in the Divine Comedy. A Beautiful Catholic Lady she was.     In ‘La Nuova Vita’ Dante says “Beatrice appeared … Read more