Those Hilarious Anti-Catholic Haters

by Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor Running a popular Catholic e-Magazine and Facebook Page  has given the admins at REGINA Magazine a closer familiarity than most with that curious species, the Anti-Catholic Bigot.  While many may have assumed that they were an extinct species, we can assure you that they are alive and well. And, though their … Read more

Are You Alone This Christmas?

Are You Alone This Christmas? Are you alone this Christmas? If you are, we’d like you to meet Brian and Danielle. Today they are married, with kids — but once upon a time they were in your shoes, too.* Is it possible for two devout Catholic adults to meet and marry, and live happily ever after? … Read more

What My Grandfather’s Death Taught Me About Life

By Zoey Di Mauro As he lay dying, almost every word out my grandfather’s mouth was a joke. It was as if all the wit he had was concentrated into the few sentences he was able to manage between breaths on his oxygen mask. “Can I listen to your breathing?” a nurse asked. “Everyone else … Read more

God’s Creation Through Amy’s Lens

By Donna Sue Berry Photos by Amy Proctor   Amy Proctor is a  Catholic who loves the traditions of the Faith. And what a life she leads — not only a wife and mother, but a world traveler, writer and photographer. As a photojournalist, Amy weaves her stories together with her  beautiful photos.  Her work … Read more

A Catholic Bride

Six Beautiful Brides On Why A Catholic Marriage is Different   SISTERS SUSAN AND ELIZABETH TOFFLER prepare for their double wedding in Portland, Oregon. “We believe Catholic marriage is a way to unite the human with the Divine; we are cooperating with God’s Will for our lives.” “A CATHOLIC MARRIAGE IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT IS … Read more

Christmas In Harvard Square

By Donna Sue Berry “Still, still, still, let all the world be still.” The ethereal sound of young voices fills the air and evokes a vision. Incense at midnight Mass. A night sky lit with choirs of angels in glory. Christmas beauty.  The angelic voices that you’re hearing, however, belong to the earthly boys of … Read more

Exposing Myths About Catholic Annulments

Fifteen Myths About Catholic Annulments One interesting side-effect of the recent synod on the family in Rome is that media reports have laid bare the fact that a real lack of clarity still exists among many people — both inside and outside the Church – about the Catholic declaration of nullity (“annulment”). Benedict Nguyen, a … Read more

There’s Room at the Inn at MiraVia

“You didn’t take away from my future. You gave me a new one. I love you, Mommy.” – A new mother’s note to her daughter What is the truly Catholic response to a scared, pregnant girl? Here’s what happened when two determined ladies – a biologist and a woman who suffered through an abortion at university … Read more

Walk The Chartres Pilgrimage Through The Eyes Of A Newcomer

“Come with me to Chartres, Mom!” my daughter Crystal begged. She wanted me to accompany her on this historically Catholic 72-mile pilgrimage from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to Chartres. It was a sunny spring morning in 2004 when Donna Sue Berry stepped out of the safety of Notre Dame Cathedral. She joined 10,000 hardy … Read more