A Wedding Story

This essay was written by Alexandra, 31, who is originally from Los Angeles. Her husband Christopher, 31, is an architect from Medford, New Jersey. Alexandra tells the unlikely story of her discovery of the Faith and its traditions, and how she fell in love and married her Christopher in an astonishingly beautiful historic Catholic church, … Read more

The Troops of Saint George

By Peter De Trolio III Once upon a time, I was a very proud Eagle Scout. Today, I refuse to associate myself with the Boy Scouts of America.  For a very short time, I felt like an orphan – but then I heard about the Troops of St. George. Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The … Read more

The Apparition in Wisconsin’s Woods

“Our Lady of Good Help” is the first and only approved appearance of Mary in the USA By Linda Clerkin   It is a strange, almost hidden story, which transports us back to another America, a raw new land tentatively settled by poor immigrants seeking to rebuild their lives.  It begins 158 years ago when … Read more

Trad Newlyweds

Cynthia and Joe met on Facebook, but alas, the path of true love is never straight, especially on social media. Due to Joe’s unusual sense of humor, things got off to a rocky start. However, in due course they were engaged in a live video last year, and married in May in a Sung High … Read more

Rape, Incest & Abortion

A Survivor Speaks Up By Maria Albers It’s a conversation-stopper. What happens, your pro-choice friend says, when a girl becomes pregnant because of rape or sexual abuse? Why should she be ‘forced’ to bear that child? It’s a question most of us have never had to face. Statistically, such situations are rare. But what does … Read more

Fierce Catholic Bride

If you believe the media, Mary Barkovskaya doesn’t actually exist. She is a Millennial, a professional model, living near London. But, she is also a South Dakota Catholic with outspoken, orthodox values, and recently she married the man of her dreams. (All this without cohabiting with him and without even taking him for a ‘test … Read more

Uneasy Encounters

by Teresa Limjoco NIGHT’S BRIGHT DARKNESS A Modern Conversion Story Sally Read Ignatius Press, 2016, 152 pages. She was a liberated Englishwoman, and her unlikely conversion to Catholicism began when she decided to write a “handbook” about the vagina and present “just the facts” to the reader. This quietly stunning memoir by poet Sally Read is … Read more

Is the Tarot ‘Cool’?

Today, interest in the occult is on the rise as toy companies making significant profits push these toys online and in big box stores, mostly to a public wholly unaware of the danger.  Are Tarot cards really dangerous? Well, the tarot (/ˈtæroʊ/;  trionfi, tarocchi, tarock) are simply playing cards, used from the mid-15th century for games such as Italian tarocchini and  — and they … Read more

Catholic Church Houses the Homeless for 500 Years

  By Evan Wing Most people today have no idea that the Catholic Church was the first Western institution to provide hospitals and housing for the poor.(For an example of a medieval Catholic hospital, click here.) The Fuggerei, a walled village within the Bavarian city of Augsburg, is considered the oldest still-operating social housing program … Read more

The “Catholic” ETSY

By Chiara Finaldi Several Images Updated February 2021 There are many advantages to living in a Catholic country like Italy, where I am from. Whenever a sacrament is celebrated or a godchild celebrates a birthday, there’s always a little religious shop around the corner. Twenty years ago when I arrived in London, I found things … Read more