Mrs. Forsyth Explains

Anne Forsyth is Director of College Relations and  Assistant to the President of Thomas Aquinas College. The College, considered one of the nation’s finest private Catholic  colleges, today faces one of the gravest challenges in its history. The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments by the Obama administration to force the College to provide information on … Read more

A Cure for the Malaise of the Uninspired College

Benedictus in London PHOTO CREDIT: Hannah Palmer They are brand new and a rare thing, indeed, in England –a start-up educational venture with the highest intellectual aspirations: nothing less than a learning experience to equal or exceed those world-famous, once-Catholic institutions of Cambridge and Oxford. How are they doing? REGINA recently caught up with Dr … Read more

A Bold Vision

The Success of Wyoming Catholic College Photos by Fr Jeffrey Keyes Dr Peter Kwasnewski is a professor of Theology who has been with Wyoming Catholic College since its inception a few short years ago. In this candid interview, he takes REGINA on an insider’s tour of the College, and the joys and challenges of hewing out … Read more

In the Steps of the Great English Catholic Writers

A Summer Experience Exploring Tolkien, Shakespeare & Chesterton in Oxford  By Beverly De Soto Stevens Photos: Michael Durnan, Fr. Jeffrey Keyes & Beverly De Soto Stevens In the summer of 2007, Stratford and Leonie Caldecott founded a unique summer school in Oxford, England to bring together extraordinary writers, lecturers and students of all ages from around … Read more

Restoring a Radical Tradition

The Guilds and Liberal Learning By William Edmund Fahey, Ph.D., President, Thomas More College, New Hampshire Photo Credits: Allison Welton, Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs & Staff & Students of Thomas More College The vision is radical in its traditionalism. The noble mission of Catholic education was eloquently summarized by then-Pope Benedict in his remarks to University and … Read more

Re-Imaging and Rekindling

Catholic Classical Education in the City of Brotherly Love By Philip D. Cialini Photos by Margaret Coppa The first Regina Academy, Regina Coeli Academy, began as an idea in 2002. As an undertaking, it may sound novel, but to thousands of parents it is simply a re-imaging and rekindling of a tradition of faith and … Read more

Defending the Family on the Front Lines

“Basically the world is in the grip of a militant secularist ideology because of internal problems within the Church and her poor presentation of her own teaching to her faithful.“ – Professor Tracey Rowland The stakes couldn’t be higher. It is perhaps the greatest challenge that Christian civilization has ever faced. How can the Church … Read more

A College in the Lived Tradition of the Faith in Australia

Photo Credits: Jenna Barlow & Michael Mendieta Opened in 2006 as Australia’s first liberal arts tertiary college, Campion College was named after the 16th century Oxford scholar and martyr, St Edmund Campion. The Saint has long served as a patron of lay Catholic educational initiatives in Australia, beginning with the Campion Society in the 1930s. … Read more

A Catholic Miracle in Shangri-La

Today, it’s the Shangri-la of college campuses. But it was not always so. The Catholics who founded Thomas Aquinas College in 1969 were laymen taking on an enormous challenge, unheard of at a time when Catholic schools were universally administered by the clergy. And the story of how they established this inspiring Catholic college nestled … Read more

A Visit to St Thomas More

Article and Photos by Penny Silvers The rooster crowed, its exultant cry piercing through the stillness of the Prayer of Consecration. It was the first school Mass of the new academic year, and all around me students were kneeling, their young faces registering a mixture of perplexity and curiosity.  “It was a moment filled with theological … Read more