Saint Urban I, Pope

May 25 Today is the feast day of Saint Urban I.  Ora pro nobis.  Saint Urban I date of birth unknown.  He  died 23 May, 230. According to the “Liber Pontificalis,” Urban was a Roman and his father’s name was Pontianus. After the death of Callistus I (14 October, 222) Urban was elected Bishop of Rome, of which Church he was the … Read more

Saint Gregory VII, Pope

May 25 Today is the feast day of Saint Gregory VII.  Ora pro nobis.  (by Fr. Prosper Gueranger 1870) Our Easter Calendar has already given us the two great Popes, Leo the Great and Pius the Fifth; it bids us, today, pay honour to the glorious memory of Gregory the Seventh. These three names represent the … Read more

Saint Madeleine-Sophie Barat, Foundress

May 25 Today is the feast day of Saint Madeleine-Sophie Barat.  Ora pro nobis.  Madeleine-Sophie Barat was born in France in 1779 in the little Burgundian town of Joigny. (1) Her father owned a small vineyard and worked as a cooper. She was rigorously trained in virtue and educated in secular and sacred subjects by her … Read more

Saint Joan Antide Thouret, Foundress

May 23 Today is the feast day of Saint Joan Antide Thouret.  Ora pro nobis.  Saint Joan was born in the diocese of Besançon in November of 1765.  Saint Joan Antide lost her pious mother when she was 16 years old, and for several years took charge of the household and her family of younger brothers … Read more

Saint Yves of Brittany, Confessor

May 19 Today is the feast day of Saint Yves of Brittany.  Ora pro nobis.  Yves,  (Ivo of Kermartin)  was born of noble parents (Ivo was the son of Helori, lord of Kermartin, and Azo du Kenquis) in Brittany in 1253. The lessons his pious mother instilled in the heart of the boy through Christian … Read more

Saint Jutta of Thuringia, Widow

May 5 Today is the feast day of Saint Jutta of Thuringa.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Jutta (Judith in English), Jutta of Kulmsee, Jutta of Sangerhausen, or Judith of Prussia was born on Thuringa.  She was a member of the very noble family of Sangerhausen with which the dukes of Brunswick were related. She was espoused … Read more

Walpurgisnacht (Saint Walburga’s eve)


April 30 This evening is Walpurgisnacht, or Saint Walburga’s eve.  In the Roman martyrology, St. Walburga’s Feast — a day that commemorates the date of her canonization — is on May 1, though it isn’t celebrated liturgically on the 1962 calendar. Her Feast is, however, a great holiday in many European countries, especially in Germany, Finland, Sweden, … Read more

Saint Vitalis, Martyr

April 28 Today is the feast day of Saint Vitalis.  Ora pro nobis.  Saint Vitalis was a first century Christian citizen of Milan and the father of the twin brothers and future martyrs, Saints Gervasius and Protasius. He is the principal patron of Ravenna. (1) St Vitalis had served in the army of the emperor, … Read more

Tom Evans, Millennial Working Class Hero

by Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor Millennials, your hero has awakened.   To a generation often depicted as a bunch of whining, posing slackers: you have been vindicated. And most especially to the young men of the Millennial generation — so often slandered as porn-addicted, self-indulgent and without honor:  a real life hero, far better and nobler … Read more

Saint Cletus and Saint Marcellinus, Popes, Martyrs

April 26 Today is the feast day of Saint Cletus and Saint Marcellinus. Orate pro nobis. Saint Cletus This second successor of St. Peter governed the Roman Church from about 76 to about 88. The “Liber Pontificalis” says that his father was Emelianus and that Cletus was a Roman by birth, and belonged to the quarter … Read more