Saints Cyricus and Julitta, Martyrs

June 16 Today is the feast day of Saints Cyricus and Julitta.  Orate pro nobis.  The Golden Legend relates that Cyricus (Quiricus) was the son of Julitta, a noble lady of Icona. In order to escape persecution, she took refuge at Tarsus in Cilicia with her child, who was then three years old. She was recognized as a … Read more

St. Vitus, St. Modestus, and St. Crescentia, Martyrs

June 15 Today is the feast day of St. Vitus, St. Modestus, and St. Crescentia.  Orate pro nobis by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1877 Mazara, in Sicily, was the native place of St. Vitus or Guy, who, while yet very young, had the happiness of receiving the crown of martyrdom. His father, Hylas, was a … Read more

Saint Leo III, Pope

June 12 Today is the feast day of Saint Leo III.  Ora pro nobis.  Saint Leo III’s date of birth unknown; he died 816. He was elected on the very day his predecessor was buried (26 Dec., 795), and consecrated on the following day. It is quite possible that this haste may have been due to … Read more

Saint Basilides & Companions, Martyrs

June 12 Today is the feast day of Saint Basilides & Companions, Martyrs. Orate pro nobis. Sts Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, and Nazarius were all soldiers martyrs at Rome.  On the Aurelian Way, during the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian, and under the prefect Aurelius, the birthday of the holy martyrs Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, and Nazarius was … Read more

Saint Barnabas, Apostle

June 11 Today is the feast day of Saint Barnabas.  Ora pro nobis. Barnabas, whose name means “son of encouragement” and was said to be a Levite of Cypriot origin, first appears in the Acts of the Apostles (4:36) when he sold a piece of land he owned and brought the money to the apostles … Read more

Saint Claude, Archbishop

June 7 Today is the feast day of Saint Claude. Ora pro nobis.  Saint Claude (Claudius) was born at Salins in the early seventh century. He was recognized from his youth as having a lively mind, a solid judgment and great docility. He read with devotion the sacred books, the lives of the Martyrs and holy … Read more

Saint Petroc of Wales, Abbot

June 4 Today is the feast day of Saint Petroc of Wales. Ora pro nobis. The name Petroc (Pedrog) is probably a variant of modern Patrick. Petroc, as he is generally known in Cornwall where he was patron saint, was a younger son of King Glywys Cernyw of Glywysing. (He may be identical to, or confused with, the … Read more

Saint Francis Caracciolo, Confessor

June 4 Today is the feast day of Saint Francis Caracciolo. Ora pro nobis.  Co-founder with John Augustine Adorno of the Conregation of the Minor Clerks Regular. (4) from the Liturgical Year, 1904 The good things brought into this world by the Holy Spirit continue to be revealed in the liturgy. Francis Caracciolo is given … Read more

Saint Clotilde, Widow

June 3 Today is the feast day of Saint Clotilde. Ora pro nobis.  Saint Clotilde (Fr. CLOTILDE; Ger. CHLOTHILDE) was born probably at Lyons, c. 474; died at Tours, 3 June, 545. Her feast is celebrated 3 June. (3)  She was a daughter of Chilperic and Caretena (2) After the death of King Gundovic (Gundioch), the Kingdom … Read more

Saints Peter and Marcellinus, Martyrs

June 2 Today is the feast day of Saints Peter and Marcellinus.  Orate pro nobis.  “Through the martyrdom of Peter and Marcellinus, God gives us proof of his constant presence to his Church.” Summary of Ss Marcellinus and Peter Martyrs who died in 304, beheaded at Rome under the emperor Diocletian. Reputedly members of the Roman … Read more