Saint Gabriel, the Archangel

March 24 Today is the feast day of Saint Gabriel, the Archangel.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Gabriel rightly bears the beautiful name, the strength of God, manifesting in every apparition the power and glory of the Eternal. According to some of the Fathers of the Church, it was Saint Gabriel, Angel of the Incarnation, who … Read more

Saint Turibius, Bishop

March 23 Today is the feast day of Saint Turibius.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Turibius (Saint Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo) was well educated and achieved a number of successful secular honors and positions within Spanish society. While devout as a youth, Turibius had no intention of becoming a priest. Instead, having done well as a … Read more

Saint Catherine of Sweden, Widow

March 22 Today is the feast day of Saint Catherine of Sweden (Vadstena).  Ora pro nobis. Saint Catherine was the fourth child of St. Bridget and her husband, Ulf Gudmarsson.  She was born 1331 or 1332 and died 24 March, 1381. At the time of her death St. Catherine was head of the convent of Wadstena, … Read more

Saint Benedict, Abbot

March 21 Today is the feast day of Saint Benedict.  Ora pro nobis. by Dom Prosper Gueranger Forty days after the white dove of Cassino had mounted to heaven, Benedict, her glorious Brother, ascended by a bright path to the blissful abode, where they were to be united for ever. Both of them reached the … Read more

The Third Sunday In Lent

Today is the Third Sunday in Lent. by Dom Prosper Gueranger The Holy Church gave us, as the subject of our meditation for the First Sunday of Lent, the Temptation which our Lord Jesus Christ deigned to suffer in the Desert. Her object was to enlighten us with regard to our own temptations, and teach … Read more

Saint Joseph, Confessor

March 19 Today is the feast day of Saint Joseph.  Ora pro nobis.  Adapted from The Liturgical Year by Dom Gueranger and other sources. Today St. Joseph, the Spouse of Mary, the Foster-Father of the Son of God, comes to cheer us by his dear presence. In a few days hence, the august Mystery of … Read more

Saint Edward, Martyr

March 18 Today is the feast day of Saint Edward the Martyr.  Ora pro nobis. Edward was the eldest son of King Edgar the Peacemaker by his first wife, the beautiful Ethelflaeda Eneda (White-Duck). The lady died shortly after the birth of her son and, after her death, Edgar remarried Aelfthrith, daughter of Ealdorman Ordgar … Read more

Saint Patrick, Bishop, Confessor

March 17 Today is the feast day of Saint Patrick.  Ora pro nobis. From The Liturgical Year by Dom Gueranger Saint Patrick, according to his Confession (his autobiography), was born in a village called Bonaven Taberniae, which would appear to be the town of Killpatrick, on the mouth of the river Cluyd, in Scotland, between … Read more

Saint Abraham Kidunaia, Confessor

March 16 Today is the feast day of Saint Abraham Kidunaia.  Ora pro nobis. The birthplace of St. Abraham was near Edessa in Mesopotamia, where his parents occupied an important position, being possessed of great riches.  Ceding to his parents’ desire, while still very young he married, but escaped to a cell near the city … Read more