Saint Stephen of Mar Saba, Monk

March 31 Today is the feast day of Saint Stephen of Mar Saba.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Stephen was a nephew of John of Damascus who spent a half-century as a monk in the convent of Mar Saba overlooking the Kidron Valley in the West Bank, east of Bethlehem. Entering the monastery to train with … Read more

Saint John Climacus, Abbot

March 30 Today is the feast day of Saint John Climacus.  Ora pro nobis.   Saint John Climacus was also surnamed SCHOLASTICUS, and THE SINAITA.  He was born doubtlessly in Syria, about 525, and  died  on Mount Sinai. Saint John,  was called Climacus because of a treatise he wrote called The Ladder (Climax) of Paradise. … Read more

Saint Eustace of Luxeuil, Abbot

March 29 Today is the feast day of Saint Eustace of Luxeuil.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Eustace was born about 560 and died about 629. (2) He was a favourite disciple and monk of Saint Columbanus (f.d. November 21), whom he succeeded as second abbot of Luxeuil in 611. (3)  When Columbanus, the founder of … Read more

Saint Gundleus, Confessor

March 29 Today is the feast day of Saint Gundleus.  Ora pro nobis. Troparion of St Gladys and St Gwynllyn   Rejoice, thrice-blessed Gladys, daughter of King Brychan, wife of holy Gwynllyn and mother of Saint Cadoc. O worthy Gwynllyn, thou didst forsake thy pagan warfare to fight as a Christian ascetic and didst end … Read more

Saint John Capistrano, Confessor

March 28 Today is the feast day of Saint John Capistrano. Ora pro nobis. by Father Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876  Among the Saints who glorified and illustrated the Church of Christ in the 15th Century, St. John was one of the most famous. He derived his surname from the place of his birth, Capistran, a … Read more

Saint John Damascene, Confessor & Doctor of the Church

March 27 Today is the feast day of Saint John Damascene.  Ora pro nobis. by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1877   St. John received his name from Damascus, a city in Syria, where he was born and which at that period was under the Sceptre of the Saracens. His parents were greatly esteemed, not only … Read more

Saint Ludger, Bishop

March 26 Today is the feast day of Saint Ludger.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Ludger (Liudger, Lüdiger) was born in Friesland (the Netherlands) about the year 743. His father was a nobleman of the first rank.  When he was eleven years of age, he saw the English missionary St Boniface and this made such an … Read more

Fourth Sunday in Lent, Laetare Sunday

Today is the Fourth Sunday in Lent. The fourth Sunday of Lent is rather unique; like the third Sunday of Advent (“Gaudete Sunday”), the fourth Sunday of Lent is a break in an otherwise penitential season. The vestments for this day will be rose, as they are on Gaudete Sunday in Advent, and flowers may … Read more

Saint Dismas

March 25 Today is the feast day of Saint Dismas.  Ora pro nobis. The Good Thief The Christian tradition of Saint Dismas (or, more correctly, Dysmas) is based on the story of The Good Thief, as told in Luke 23:39-43. One of the criminals crucified with Jesus abused him saying: “Are you not the Christ? … Read more

Feast of the Annunciation

March 25 Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.   From The Liturgical Year … Read more