Saint Peter Canisius, Doctor of the Church

April 27 Today is the feast day of Saint Peter Canisius.  Ora pro nobis. by Fr. Joseph Deharbe S.J., 1881   Amongst the great saints of this period who exercised their ministry in the countries about Germany, combating heresy and vice, guiding the erring and sinners on the way of salvation, and showing themselves true … Read more

Our Lady of Good Counsel

April 26 Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Records dating from the reign of Paul II (1464-71) relate that the picture of Our Lady, at first called “La Madonna del Paradiso” and now better known as “Madonna del Buon Consiglio”, appeared at Genazzano, a town about twenty-five miles southeast of … Read more

Saint Mark, Evangelist, Apostle, Martyr

April 25 Today is the feast day of Saint Mark.  Ora pro nobis. by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger Two Saints by the name of Mark, are mentioned in Holy Writ. The first is Mark the Evangelist, whose festival we celebrate today. The other is Mark, surnamed John, who assisted St. Paul and St. Barnabas in … Read more

Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, Virgin

April 24 Today is the feast day of Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier.  Ora pro nobis. Rose Virginia Pelletier was born of pious parents on July 31, 1796 on the island of Noirmoutiers, during the terrible period of the French Revolution. So it was that her life began as a daughter of the suffering faith of … Read more

Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Martyr

April 24 Today is the feast day of Saint Fidelis.  Ora pro nobis. Mark Rey was born in 1577 at Sigmaringen, Prussia. His father Johannes Rey was burgomaster of the city.   (8) On the paternal side he was of Flemish ancestry. (9) None of his biographers mention his mother. (7) by Fr Francis Xavier Weninger, … Read more

Low Sunday (First Sunday After Easter)

Today is Low Sunday (First Sunday After Easter). by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876 “Peace be to you!”–John 20.   Peace be to you!” With these: words Jesus greeted His disciples when, entering through closed doors, He suddenly stood in their midst. The circumstance that the doors were locked is an evidence of the fear … Read more

Saint George, Martyr

April 23 Today is the feast day of Saint George.  Ora pro nobis. by Fr Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876   St. George, one of the most renowned martyrs of our church, whom the Greeks call the Great Martyr, was a native of Cappadocia, and the son of illustrious Christian parents. His courage and his uncommon … Read more

Saint Soter, Saint Caius, (Popes) and Saint Leonides. Martyrs.

April 22 Today is the feast day of Saint Soter, Saint Caius, and Saint Leonides.  Orate pro nobis. Saint Soter was raised to the papacy upon the death of Saint Anicetus in 161. By the sweetness of his discourses he comforted all afflicted persons with the tenderness of a father, and assisted the indigent with … Read more

Saint Anselm, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

April 21 Today is the feast day of Saint Anselm.  Ora pro nobis. His father, Gundulf, was a Lombard who had become a citizen of Aosta, and his mother, Ermenberga, came of an old Burgundian family. Like many other saints, Anselm learnt the first lessons of piety from his mother, and at a very early … Read more

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano, Virgin

April 20 Today is the feast day of Saint Agnes of Montepulciano.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Agnes was named for Saint Agnes of Rome. Her father was an eminent Christian who dwelt in the village of Gracciano Vecchio, near the Lake of Perugia in central Italy. The birth of Agnes was marked by the first of many miraculous … Read more