Saint Julia of Corsica, Virgin, Martyr

May 23 Today is the feast day of Saint Julia.  Ora pro nobis. Julia (also known as Saint Julia of Carthage or Saint Julia of Nonza) was born of noble aristocratic parents in Carthage (South Africa). This ancient city, founded by the Phoenicians, competed with Rome for domination in the western part of the Mediterranean. Given … Read more

The Rogation Days

Rogation Days The Rogation Days are the 25th of April, called Major, and the three days before the feast of the Ascension, called Minor. (4) “Rogation” comes from the Latin “rogare,” which means “to ask,” and “Rogation Days” are days during which we seek to ask God’s mercy, appease His anger, avert His chastisements manifest … Read more

Saint Rita of Cascia, Widow

May 22 Today is the feast day of Saint Rita of Cascia.  Ora pro nobis. by Msgr. Paul Guerin, 1882 Saint Rita was born in Italy in the late 14th century, near the little city of Cascia, of parents who though advancing in age had no children; she was the fruit of their pious prayers. … Read more

Saint Andrew Bobola, Martyr

May 21 Today is the feast day of Saint Andrew Bobola.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Andrew was born of an old and illustrious Polish family, in the Palatinate of Sandomir, 1590. His family had always protected the Jesuits and shown itself very liberal towards them. God blessed both the family and the Jesuits in this … Read more

Fifth Sunday After Easter

Today is the Fifth Sunday after Easter by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876 “Ask, and you shall receive.”–John 16. Today, and during the following days of this season, the Church exhorts her children to pray earnestly, to assault heaven with their petitions, if they would desire to follow Jesus, and end their earthly pilgrimage by … Read more

Saint Ethelbert, King of the East-Angles, Martyr

May 20 Today is the feast day of Saint Ethelbert.  Ora pro nobis. King of the East Angles, was, according to the “Speculum Historiale” of Richard of Cirencester (who died about 1401), the son of King Ethelred and Leofrana, a lady of Mercia. Brought up in piety, he was a man of singular humility. Urged … Read more

Saint Bernardine of Siena, Confessor

May 20 Today is the feast day of Saint Bernardine.  Ora pro nobis. by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876 St. Bernardin, of whom the Roman Martyrology says that he was a light to all Italy, by his teachings and his holy example, was born at Massa, in the republic of Sienna, in the year 1380. … Read more

Saint Dunstan of Canterbury, Confessor

May 19 Today is the feast day of Saint Dunstan.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Dunstan was a native of the town of Glastenbury, of noble birth.  His father, Heorstan,  was a West Saxon noble. His mother, Cynethryth, a woman of saintly life, was miraculously forewarned of the sanctity of the child within her. She was in … Read more

Saint Peter Celestine, Pope

May 19 Today is the feast day of Saint Peter Celestine.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Peter Celestine was the eleventh of the twelve children of a poor Italian farmer. As a child, Peter had visions of our Blessed Lady, Angels and Saints. His heavenly visitors encouraged him in his prayers and chided him when he … Read more

Saint Felix of Cantalice, Confessor

May 18 Today is the feast day Saint Felix.  Ora pro nobis. St. Felix Porri (1515-1587) was born of peasant parents at Cantalice in Apulia, the southeastern region of Italy. In his youth, he was hired out as a shepherd and farm laborer. It was not long before the little boy, when he approached the … Read more