Saint Anthony the Miracle Worker

June 13 Today is the feast day of Saint Anthony of Padua.  Ora pro nobis. by Beverly Stevens Photos by Erica Mc Cullagh He is one of the most famous saints of the Church, known universally as the super-competent manager of the celestial “Lost and Found” department. (“Tony, Tony, come around; something’s lost and can’t … Read more

Ambrose and Augustine in Milan

  “Thou hadst pierced our heart with Thy love, and we carried Thy words, as it were, thrust through our vitals.” St Augustine, Confessions   “If you demand my person, I am ready to submit; carry me to prison or to death, I will not resist but I will never betray the church of Christ…I … Read more

St. Dominic & the Hounds of God

by Beverly Stevens In honor of St. Dominic’s feast day, August 4. Almost 800 years lie between his death and my birth, and yet I claim Dominic de Guzman as my teacher. Such is the influence of this Spaniard, born in rural Calaruega, near the Benedictine abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos in 1169. Educated … Read more

Serious Spanish Sweets

Serious Spanish Sweets LIKE MOST DELIGHTS OF A CATHOLIC CIVILIZATION, the artisanal making of amazing pastries in Spain actually has a religious history. AS IN MOST COUNTRIES WITH A TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC CULTURE, baking specialty pastries was an occupation of convents – a way for cloistered sisters to earn money to sustain themselves. FAMILY-OWNED BAKERIES like … Read more

Teresa of Avila

October 15 Today is the feast day of Saint Teresa of Avila.  Ora pro nobis     St. Teresa of Avila. by Father Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876  St.Teresa, so greatly gifted by the Almighty, was born in 1515, at Avila, in Spain, of not less pious than noble parents. Among other devout exercises, her parents … Read more

The Our Lady Of Guadalupe Apparition Brings the Faith to Mexico

The Our Lady Of Guadalupe Apparition Brings the Faith to Mexico December 12 Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Ora pro nobis.  By Meghan Ferrara In the early 16th century, at the height of the Protestant Reformation sweeping across Europe, another reformation was embracing the American Continent. It began with a simple … Read more

REGINA’S Top 10 Christmas Children’s Books

For Advent and Christmas by Bridget Green Ah, Christmas. That magical season that starts in late October and ends promptly on December 27th. Oh, wait. No. That’s the secular season that I like to refer to as “Chrissssmas.” Christmas, the liturgical season of the Catholic Church, begins on December 24th and goes at least until … Read more

Newman College Ireland Debuts – in Rome

By Beverly De Soto Stevens The Irish have been accused of being dreamers. If so, this time they are dreaming BIG — a dream which they are sharing both in Ireland and among the Irish diaspora numbered in the tens of millions around the world. This Irish dream is to build Newman College Ireland (NCI) … Read more

Academic Excellence and Holiness at Chavagnes International College

‘What Eton and Oxford Might Have Become’ Chavagnes International College was founded in 2002, in a large former junior seminary in the west of France, by a group of British teachers under the leadership of Ferdi McDermott, a former Catholic publisher. Ferdi has himself been Headmaster of the College since 2007. What inspired you to … Read more

The Carmelites of Compiegne

July 17 Today is the feast day of The Carmelites of Compiegne.  Orate pro nobis.  Singing Their Way to the Guillotine by Meghan Ferrara One of the darkest periods of the French Revolution was the Reign of Terror, which lasted from September 1793 to July 28, 1794. During these months, over 1,300 victims met their fate … Read more