Saint Angela of Foligno, Widow

Saint Angela

January 4 Today is the feast day of Saint Angela of Foligno.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Angela of Foligno was born in 1248 of a prominent family in Foligno, three leagues from Assisi. There was nothing remarkable about Angela’s early years, and there was nothing scandalous about her life. Yet she tells us in her later writings … Read more

Saint Genevieve, Virgin

Saint Genevieve

January 3 Today is the feast day of Saint Genevieve.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Genevieve was born at Nanterre, near Paris. She was the daughter of Severus and Gerontia.   In 429 St. Germain of Auxerre and St. Lupus of Troyes were sent across from Gaul to Britain to combat Pelagianism. On their way they stopped … Read more

Most Holy Name of Jesus

Holy Name

Today is the feast day of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. First Sunday of the Year or January 2 if this Sunday falls on 1st, 6th, or 7th.  O GOOD JESUS, according to Thy great mercy, have mercy on me. O most merciful Jesus, by that Precious Blood which Thou didst will to shed … Read more

The Circumcision of Our Lord


January 1 Today is the feast of The Circumcision of Our Lord. by Dom Prosper Gueranger, 1870 Our new-born King and Saviour is eight days old today; the Star, that guides the Magi, is advancing towards Bethlehem, and, five days hence, will be standing over the Stable where our Jesus is being nursed by his … Read more

Saint Sylvester I, Pope

Saint Sylvester

December 31 Today is the feast day of Saint Sylvester.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Sylvester’s date of birth unknown.  He  died on 31 December, 335. According to the “Liber pontificalis” (ed. Duchesne, I, 170) he was the son of a Roman named Rufinus; the legendary “Vita beati Sylvestri” calls his mother Justa. After the death of … Read more

Saint Egwin, Bishop

Saint Egwin

December 30 Today is the feast day of Saint Egwin.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Egwin’s date of birth unknown.  He  died (according to Mabillon) 20 December, 720, though his death may have occurred three years earlier. His fame as founder of the great Abbey of Evesham no doubt tended to the growth of legends which, though … Read more

Saint Sabinus and his Companions, Bishop and Martyrs

Saint Savinus

December 30 Today is the feast day of Saint Sabinus and his Companions.  Orate pro nobis. When the cruel edicts of Diocletian and Maximin Hercules were published against the Christians in the year 303, it required more than ordinary force in the bishops and clergy, to encourage the people to undergo martyrdom rather than apostatize. … Read more

Saint Thomas à Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr

a becket

December 29 Today is the feast day of Saint Thomas à Becket.  Ora pro nobis. Glorious and celebrated is the great Archbishop, St. Thomas à Beckett, on account of his fortitude in defending the rights of the Christian Church. He was born at London, in England, of noble, pious and rich parents, who led him early … Read more

The Feast of the Holy Innocents

Holy Innocents

December 28 Today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  Orate pro nobis.   by Father Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876 By the Holy Innocents, who are honored as martyrs today by the Catholic Church, we understand those happy infants, who, by the command of King Herod, were put to death, for no other cause than … Read more

Saint John, the Apostle and Evangelist

Saint John

December 27 Today is the feast day of Saint John.  Ora pro nobis. “At that time: Jesus said to Peter Follow me. Turning round, Peter saw following them the disciple whom Jesus loved (Saint John the Apostle).”–John 21, 19-24 The Church recognizes two lives which Divinity himself has revealed and recommended. One is the life … Read more