Saint Maurus, Abbot

January 15 Today is the feast day of Saint Maurus.  Ora pro nobis.  Saint Maurus (Maur) was the  son of Equitius, a nobleman of Rome. He is represented as an abbot with crozier, or with book and censer, or holding the weights and measures of food and drink given him by his holy master. (4) Saint … Read more

Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity

Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity Today is the last Sunday in the year. Ponder with care on the truths and doctrines which the holy Church has laid before thee in the epistles and gospels; thank God with thy whole heart for the great favors and benefits which thou hast received in the incarnation … Read more

Epiphany House Blessing

Epiphany House Blessing  Background Due to the linking of the liturgy to the visit of the three Magi, it is most appropriately used at the start of the season of Epiphany. But because the service is so flexible in where it may be used, it might be used any time during the seasons of Christmas … Read more

Why Tradition- Why Now?

Why Tradition- Why Now? By Brian Williams Essays Why Tradition-Why Now? Liturgical Game Changers Why Aren’t More Masses Offered Ad Orientem Seven Reasons for the Use of Latin in the Mass The Affirmative Argument for Receiving Communion  on the Tongue The All Too Ordinary Use of Extraordinary Ministers Altar Rails and Reverence Altar Serving Seen … Read more

Advent Embertide

Advent Embertide Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Gaudete Sunday (3rd Sunday of Advent) are known as “Advent Embertide,” and they come near the beginning of the Season of Winter (December, January, February). Liturgically, the readings for the days’ Masses follow along with the general themes of Advent, opening up with Wednesday’s Introit of Isaias 45: … Read more

Resumed Fourth Sunday After Epiphany

Resumed Fourth Sunday After Epiphany by Father Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876  The life of man is a struggle. We can also call it justly a tempest. This comparison is also applicable to the Church which St. Peter called a ship, and the ark of Noah. How often is Eternity compared to a haven where we … Read more

Saint Narcissus, Bishop

October 29 Today is the feast day of Saint Narcissus.  Ora pro nobis.  St. Narcissus was born towards the close of the first century. Saint Narcissus from his youth applied himself with great care to the study of both religious and human disciplines. He entered into the ecclesiastical state, and in him all the sacerdotal virtues were … Read more

Blessed Karl of Austria-Hungary, Emperor

October 21 Today is the feast day of Blessed Charles of Austria-Hungary.  Ora pro nobis.    Karl (1887-1922), Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, said goodbye to his wife, Empress Zita. “I’ll love you forever”, he declared, just as he had eleven years earlier when they were married. Then he called his first born … Read more

Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost

Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1877  “So also shall My heavenly Father do to you, if you forgive not every one his brother from your hearts.”–Matt. 18, 35.  The Gospels which are read to you from the pulpit during the ecclesiastical year afford opportunities for the expounders of the Divine Word … Read more

Our Lady of the Pillar

October 12 Today is the feast day of  Our Lady of the Pillar.  Ora pro nobis. Perhaps the oldest devotion to Our Lady in Europe is the devotion to Our Lady of the Pillar. In Spain, Pilar is a popular girl’s name, as is Mercedes for Our Lady of Mercy. (In fact, General Franco named one of … Read more