Saint Dympna, Virgin and Martyr

May  15 Today is the feast day of Saint Dympna.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Dympna (Dymphna) was born the daughter of an Irish pagan chief and his Christian wife. Dymphna, like her mother, was blessed with grace, beauty, and virtue, and under the tutelage of local women, grew in her Christian faith. Baptized by a … Read more

Saint John Baptist de LaSalle, Confessor

May 15 Today is the feast day of Saint John Baptist de Salle.  Ora pro nobis. Saint John Baptist was born of the nobility of Rheims in 1651.  While still a boy, he felt a profound nausea at a social gathering regarding everything that surrounded him. He spoke to a cousin, who recognized something special … Read more

Tradition is the New Counterculture

Stylist:  Monica Mountain Model: Eva Mountain I guess I’m just a little different then most.   I love my family.  My grandparents were and are Catholic. My mom is ‘spiritual but not religious.’ My dad is nothing, I guess. I actually don’t see the point to living as my parents have lived without hope, without traditions. … Read more

Saint Michael Garicoits, Confessor

May 14 Today is the feast day of Saint Michael Garicoits.  Ora pro nobis. Michael Garicoits was born on a small farm in the south of France, near the town of Ibarre, not far from Lourdes and from Betharram, an ancient pilgrimage site.   Michael, the first son of young Arnold Garicoits and his wife Gratianne, … Read more

Fourth Sunday After Easter

Today is the Fourth Sunday after Easter. by Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876 “And when He is come, He will convince the world of sin.”–John 16 Today’s Gospel contains three reproofs by which, as Christ says, the Holy Ghost, whom He promises unto His Church, will convince the world of sin. We all know what Christ … Read more

Uneasy Encounters

by Teresa Limjoco NIGHT’S BRIGHT DARKNESS A Modern Conversion Story Sally Read Ignatius Press, 2016, 152 pages. She was a liberated Englishwoman, and her unlikely conversion to Catholicism began when she decided to write a “handbook” about the vagina and present “just the facts” to the reader. This quietly stunning memoir by poet Sally Read is … Read more

Benedict & Scholastica

By Bill Schulz Two of the most well-known figures of the late Patristic period, Saint Benedict of Nursia and his sister, Saint Scholastica, are regarded by both the Church and many scholars of the period as key figures in early Christian monasticism. But who were they? Scholastica, in particular, is subjected to a great deal … Read more

Homeschooling Hybrids

Affordable, Convenient Support Yields the Best of Both Worlds for Catholic Families by Erika J. Ahern On a crisp autumn day, twenty-six homeschooling families pull up to a rented school building. Uniformed children with backpacks pour out of the cars and into their classrooms eager for the day. Mothers and fathers carry their own books: … Read more

First, Learn Your Freakin’ Faith

Photos by: Kaitlin Lochner Jerry Jacobs Jr. is from Indianapolis. Recently, REGINA Magazine caught up with Jerry to ask him about his thoughts after a Catholic men’s conference he attended with his young sons last summer in Michigan, STRENGTH & HONOR, sponsored by  For those easily offended, fair warning: Jerry doesn’t pull any punches. … Read more

Our Lady of Fatima

May 13 Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima. Ora pro nobis. by Monsignor F. A. Kaiser, 1947 The quaint little village of Fatima, located in the rugged Sierra da Aire, some ninety miles north of Lisbon, Portugal, was selected by Divine Providence as the sounding-board of God’s own warning to a … Read more