Saint Titus, Bishop and Confessor

Saint Titus

February 6 Today is the feast day of Saint Titus.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Titus was born a Gentile, and seems to have been converted by St. Paul, who calls him his son in Christ. His virtue and merit gained him the affection of the apostle, for we find him employed as his secretary; and … Read more

Saint Agatha, Virgin, Martyr

Saint Agatha

February 5 Today is the feast day of Saint Agatha.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Agatha is one of seven female saints, along with Our Lady, who are mentioned in the the Roman Canon (Eucharistic Prayer 1). This indicates that quite early on historically she had a place of honour in the Roman Church. She is also depicted … Read more

Saint Jane of Valois, Abbess


February 4 Today is the feast day of Saint Jane of Valois.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Jane (Joan) of Valois (Jeanne de France), the daughter of Louis XI, king of France, was born April 23, 1464. (2) Her father, Louis XI, who had hoped for a son to succeed him, banished Jane from his palace, and, … Read more

Saint Andrew Corsini, Bishop, Confessor

Andrew Corsini

February 4 Today is the feast day of Saint Andrew Corsini.  Ora pro nobis. by Rev. Peter Richard Kenrick, 1840 Saint Andrew Corsini affords us, in his life, an example from which we may learn how efficacious is the intercession of the Queen of Saints, in withdrawing the sinner from the error of his way, … Read more

Sexagesima Sunday

Sexagesima Sunday

Today is Sexagesima Sunday. The second Sunday of the Septuagesima season is known as “Sexagesima, which means “sixty”. Sexagesima Sunday comes roughly sixty days before Easter. Throughout this short Season and that of Lent (next Season) you will notice a deepening sense of penance and somberness, culminating in Passiontide (the last two weeks of Lent), that … Read more

Saint Werburgh, Abbess

Saint Werburgh

February 3 Today is the feast day of Saint Werburgh.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Werburgh (Werburga) was born in Staffordshire early in the seventh century.  Her mother was St. Ermenilda, daughter of Ercombert, King of Kent, and St. Sexburga, and her father, Wulfhere, son of Penda the fiercest of the Mercian kings. St. Werburgh thus united … Read more

Saint Ansgar, Bishop

Saint Ansgar

February 3 Today is the feast day of Saint Ansgar.  Ora pro nobis.  Saint Ansgar (or Anskar or Oscar.) was born near Amiens in Picardy, France. Born into a noble family, Ansgar lacked for nothing as a child, but was drawn to a life of poverty and service nonetheless. He entered the Benedictine monastery at Old Corbie Abbey in … Read more

Saint Blaise, Bishop, Martyr

Saint Blaise

February 3 Today is the feast day of Saint Blaise.  Ora pro nobis. St. Blaise (also spelled Blase and Blasius) — one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers — was a 3rd century physician who became Bishop of Sebaste, Armenia. (1) by St. Alphonsus de Liguori   Saint Blase was a native of the city of Sebaste, in Armenia, … Read more

Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Ignatius

February 1 Today is the feast day of Saint Ignatius of Antioch.  Ora pro nobis.  Also called Theophorus (Theophoros); born in Syria, around the year 50; died at Rome between 98 and 117. More than one of the earliest ecclesiastical writers have given credence, though apparently without good reason, to the legend that Ignatius was … Read more