The Once and Present Crisis: Ancient Heretics and Modern Arians

By Sean Kater   “The very crisis of the Church in our days consists in the ever growing phenomenon that those who don’t fully believe and profess the integrity of the Catholic faith frequently occupy strategic positions in the life of the Church, such as professors of theology, educators in seminaries, religious superiors, parish priests … Read more

The Devil Hates Latin, CH, 4,5,6

The Devil Hates Latin

By Katharine Galgano (See chapter 1,2,3 Here) CHAPTER 4 Dyson White regarded his wife stoically as she moved among the pots on their rooftop terrace. It was an early spring morning in the Eternal City, and Michelle Orsini White was in a good mood. An avid gardener, his diminutive, dark-haired wife had managed through sheer … Read more

Well, Bill, it IS for the Cause

By Bill Riccio, Jr   With the title quote from the Rev. Richard C. Cipolla, this writer began a sojourn across country to the wilds of Portland, Oregon, to be the master of ceremonies for a Pontifical Mass at Holy Rosary Church. The date of the Mass was June 29, 2007, and yours truly was going … Read more

Dressing for Failure

When Catholic Bishops Refuse to Ask the Right Questions About Why Their Seminaries Are Empty By Daniel Attard We are witnessing a time of great scandal in the Church, and many speculate as to why this is. I have long believed that priests and religious who fall into grave scandal do so as a result … Read more

Attempted Beheading of Catholic Priest Giving Communion at Mexico City’s Cathedral Suppressed by Mainstream Media

These days, social media is leading the mainstream media everywhere. As a result, news stories formerly suppressed or ‘spun’ are being forced into the open in their raw state. This is definitely the case in tightly-controlled media markets like Mexico, where yesterday a Catholic priest was bloodily attacked while giving Communion to about 30 Mass-goers in … Read more

First, Learn Your Freakin’ Faith

Photos by: Kaitlin Lochner Jerry Jacobs Jr. is from Indianapolis. Recently, REGINA Magazine caught up with Jerry to ask him about his thoughts after a Catholic men’s conference he attended with his young sons last summer in Michigan, STRENGTH & HONOR, sponsored by  For those easily offended, fair warning: Jerry doesn’t pull any punches. … Read more

The Devil Hates Latin

 By Katharine Galgano REGINA PRESS has released our first novel recently, to significant popular acclaim. As a special gift for our loyal Regina Magazine readers, here’s a taste of Katharine Galgano’s work. (See customer reviews HERE.) PROLOGUE The Cardinal inhaled sharply. The view from the papal apartments over St Peter’s Square revealed a stark late … Read more

Dominican Friars Restoring Beauty in the Church’s Liturgy

By Kareem O’Brian Nelson Photos By: Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P., The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny & Diane Yaun Since the early foundation of the Dominican Order in 1216, the friars have affirmed the beauty of God’s creation. We recently sat down with Fr. Innocent Smith, O.P., Parochial Vicar of the famously beautiful NYC churches … Read more