Witness to The Rite

Mike Church Sees Apostolic Succession, Live! Radio host Mike Church braved sizzling temperatures, along with 1500 other faithful Catholics, to attend the June ordination Mass of the Fraternity of St Peter in Denton, Nebraska. Here’s what he told REGINA about the experience. REGINA: Why were you at this ordination? MIKE: I made a promise to … Read more

The Priory at the End of the Earth

Stunningly beautiful landscape. Sparsely populated. And way off the beaten path.  Tasmania is the island state off the south eastern coast of Australia. It is about two thirds the size of Ireland but, unlike the Emerald Isle, it has never seen a male Benedictine Monastery on its shores — until now.  REGINA sat down with … Read more

Phil Lawler Comes Clean

After a spirited and public defense of Pope Francis, the editor of the well-regarded Catholic World News Phil Lawler pens a highly critical book about the Argentine pontiff. Here, he speaks with REGINA about why. REGINA: You were at one time a vocal defender of Pope Francis; what inspired you to write ‘Lost Shepherd’? LAWLER: … Read more

Bringing the Latin Mass to a German Village

By Paul Dahnen St. Lambertus in Bliesheim is a 19th century neo-romantic church by Cologne regional architect Robert Ferdinand Cremer. The brick church has three naves, and a huge 54 meters-high west tower. Overall, St. Lambertus is very beautiful, and perfect for the Old Rite. There is still an elaborate high altar by the Cologne … Read more

Journey to Where the Faith Is Dying

Photos and Text by Matthew Plese (Editor’s Note: Matthew Plese is a veteran traveler to Catholic nations and cities, where he visits forgotten shrines, mountain monasteries, precious relics of incorruptible saints, and some of the most sacred places on earth.  This year, he changed course and traveled to formerly Catholic cities in the Netherlands and … Read more

The Last Stand of the Swiss Guard

By Evan Wing May 6, 1527: Lutheran mercenaries of the Holy Roman Empire, having mutinied against their Emperor and pillaged their way across much of northern Italy, arrive at the city of Rome. At the time, the city had almost no defenses; the ancient walls were in disrepair, and Pope Clement VII’s call to arms … Read more

Casting Out Unclean Spirits

The Rituale Romanum Rite for the baptism of children (Editor’s Note: Photos are of the recent baptism of Gregory Pascal Marie Reilly by Fr Terence Mary Naughtin, OFM Conv. at Maternal Heart of Mary Church, the FSSP Parish in Sydney Australia. Photographer: Tom Gallant) Many young Catholic parents are discovering that they can have their … Read more

The UK’s Pro-Life Drama Unfolds

Alfie Evans dies the day before an historic Rosary on the Coast, followed by thousands marching for life through the streets of London on the Feast of the English Martyrs. The timing couldn’t have been more high profile. Within a few short days, the question of life issues, long suppressed in one of the world’s … Read more

Whit Embertide

Whit Embertide Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Pentecost Sunday are known as “Whit Embertide,” and they come anywhere between mid-May and mid-June, at the beginning of Summer (June, July, August). The Lessons read during the Masses connect the Pentecost with the Old Testament Feast of Firstfruits.  The Gospel readings focus on Our Lord speaking of … Read more