Prairie Girls

By Natasa Wilkie The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles were founded in 1995 as a tiny community of traditional nuns. Today, forty five young sisters — whose average age is 29 including the 94-year-old Sr. Wilhelmina — live in the magnificent rolling farm country near Gower, Missouri. And they’re famous, too. Their albums … Read more

In Search of Tolkien

A Wander Through the Green Hills of the ‘Shire’ By Mike Church “Frodo and Aragorn stood for a while silent on the hill-top, near its southward edge. In that lonely place Frodo for the first time fully realized his homelessness and danger. He wished bitterly that his fortune had left him in the quiet and … Read more

A Latin/English Missal for Young Catholics

A Review by Natasa Wilkie The modern world comes with a clear set of – low — expectations. This is especially true regarding children, who are these days assumed to be incapable of anything so apparently demanding as sitting quietly for an hour. Imagine then, expecting them to not only sit quietly but to understand … Read more

What We Can Do Now

Forming a New Generation in a Church in Crisis Interview by Natasa Wilkie Dr. Peter Kwasniewski is a well-known theologian, university lecturer, musician, and author, as well as a prolific blogger. He’s been heavily involved in the Catholic traditional movement both in the USA and in Europe. Lately, given the maelstrom the Church is engulfed … Read more

Epiphany House Blessing

Epiphany House Blessing  Background Due to the linking of the liturgy to the visit of the three Magi, it is most appropriately used at the start of the season of Epiphany. But because the service is so flexible in where it may be used, it might be used any time during the seasons of Christmas … Read more

Why Tradition- Why Now?

Why Tradition- Why Now? By Brian Williams Essays Why Tradition-Why Now? Liturgical Game Changers Why Aren’t More Masses Offered Ad Orientem Seven Reasons for the Use of Latin in the Mass The Affirmative Argument for Receiving Communion  on the Tongue The All Too Ordinary Use of Extraordinary Ministers Altar Rails and Reverence Altar Serving Seen … Read more

Advent Embertide

Advent Embertide Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Gaudete Sunday (3rd Sunday of Advent) are known as “Advent Embertide,” and they come near the beginning of the Season of Winter (December, January, February). Liturgically, the readings for the days’ Masses follow along with the general themes of Advent, opening up with Wednesday’s Introit of Isaias 45: … Read more

The Dead Theologians Society

By Meghan Ferrara Catholics say we believe in “the communion of saints.” But in the last 50 years, most young Catholics have learned almost nothing about our saints.  Enter The Dead Theologians Society, founded by youth minister Eddie Cotter, Jr  in 1997; since then the Society has been implemented in over 550 parishes and schools … Read more

Catholics at the End of the Earth

Evan Wing One topic which has always fascinated me is the propagation of the Catholic faith in remote, isolated, or otherwise difficult-to-reach areas. Recently I’ve been researching the history of the Catholic Church in Greenland. Christianity came to Greenland in the 11th century, with the Norse colonists being some of the last of their folk … Read more

A Dead Thing Goes With the Stream

Reflections on Starting Up a Winning Catholic High School By Natasa Zambelli-Wilkie Dale Ahlquist is all things Chesterton. Not only is he is an author, public speaker, Evangelical convert to Catholicism, and Catholic apologist, he has written, edited, or contributed to more than fifteen books on G. K. Chesterton. Dale is also the co-founder of … Read more