In the South of France

With the Fraternity of St. Joseph Guardian Editor’s Note: France is a bellwether for the Faith in the West. Most of the parish news is bad – abandoned, empty churches, decades of neglected catechism and deserted seminaries. However, some news is exceedingly good, like the unlikely story of a Latin American order of priests who are … Read more

Three Young Deacons Speak Up

By Beverly De Soto Stevens Statistics across the West indicate that we may be at the nadir of an alarming plunge in seminarians that dates back to 1965. The prestige of the priesthood has been all but shattered, the traditional respect accorded priests a casualty of the clerical sex abuse crisis which erupted across the … Read more

The Catholic Parish as Home

Ever wonder why non-practicing Catholics will seek out a Catholic parish to be married, to baptize a baby or to bury their dead? Such is the power of parishes; they are our spiritual homes. In this issue, Regina Magazine showcases parishes on three continents. What makes them amazing Youthful, orthodox, well-educated priests. Reverent Masses filled … Read more

The Parish in Oklahoma’s Oil Fields

Five Year Old St. Damien of Molokai is ‘Full to the Brim’ with Catholics Text and Photos By Donna Sue Berry Thriving Catholic parishes can be found in the most unlikely places – including smack dab in the middle of an Oklahoma oil field. The first Catholic clergy to set foot in what would become … Read more

Sunday Dinner with Father Keyes

He’s a priest who opens his church at 5:30 am and gives 110% to his parish, and his parishioners love him for it – most of them, that is. In ten years, he has made St Edward’s in Newark, California a ‘parish worth driving to’ for Catholics with 25+ different nationalities and languages. Here’s REGINA … Read more

The Flourishing of Sainte Eugene/Sainte Cecile

Interview by Meghan Ferrara Photos by Teresa Limjoco Nestled in the heart of Paris, the parish of Sainte Eugène and Sainte Cecile maintains a special place in French Catholicism. The church’s renowned Schola is a defining aspect of the parish and has set the standard for liturgical music in France and around the world. Under … Read more

Setting the Standard

Chicago’s St John Cantius Parish Recipe for success: Take one nearly-abandoned, formerly Polish-Catholic neighborhood in a troubled American big city. Add a decrepit 19th century church building, with ten tons of pigeon droppings in its attic. Mix in a brand-new community of priests and brothers dedicated to helping Catholics rediscover a profound sense of the … Read more

The Long & Winding Road to St. Joseph’s in Singapore

by Estella Young PHOTO CREDITS: Dominic Wong and Dominic Lee Catholicism came to Singapore in 1832 with priests from the Paris Foreign Missions Society (MEP). They built churches and brought Religious to build schools, orphanages and a seminary. Today, some Catholic schools rank amongst the nation’s best, and are famous for providing an excellent academic … Read more

The E-Book Revolution

‘Excellent and Beautiful’ – Classic Books For Catholic Kids Paul Pagano, along with his wife Anna, run a small bookstore out of their home.  They started it last year when they realized that their collection of classic children’s books, which they began for their own young family, was something they felt compelled to share with … Read more

‘Street Cred’ & Your Average Catholic Parish

By Edmund Adamus As Catholics, what’s our ‘street cred’? In the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, “The Joy of the Gospel,” Pope Francis discusses our credibility  – specifically, how we are perceived by the unchurched and those with no faith. Much depends, he says, on the ‘openness and missionary creativity of the pastor and the community.’ The … Read more