For Auld Lang Syne

In 1788, Scotland’s greatest poet Robert Burns set his poem to a traditional folk hymn. In the 250 years since, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ has been traditionally sung at the conclusion of New Year gatherings around the world, especially in English-speaking countries. Auld Lang Syne begins by asking whether it is right that old times be … Read more


A short story by Patrick Michael Clark Photos courtesy of Library of Congress They were tearing down the last of the scaffolding from the towers that rose above the overgrown park. For three years Davey and Connor had watched the workmen climb the ladders and catwalks that surrounded the face of the new cathedral. Each … Read more

Goth is Dead

A Short Story by Beverly Stevens For me this Halloween, Goth is dead. Tattoos, emo makeup, and weird sex? SO yesterday. I used to be emo, but I have changed. I never actually got the tattoos, though I did have my ears pierced in many places. I also didn’t actually go over to the dark … Read more

Europe’s Aristocrats to Synod: Don’t Change the Faith

They are the stuff of legends, the princely families of Europe. To most people nowadays they are just names that occasionally turn up in society columns. But in reality, many of Europe’s Catholic aristocrats live quiet lives, raising their families in the Faith, conscious of their hereditary responsibility for what was once ‘Christendom.’ And ‘quiet’ is the … Read more

St Maria Goretti in Chicago

She is a patron saint of purity, and she draws millions today in a time of great impurity. In a deeply cynical age, many of her most ardent devotees around the world are young people. Now, her relics — encased in the same glass coffin where her mother last laid eyes on her — are … Read more

Report from the Eye of the Storm

REGINA’s Exclusive Interview with Vatican Journalist Edward Pentin on the Rigging of the Synod By Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor Photos by Edward Pentin & Harry Stevens It’s a prime example of why Catholics today need to be more educated. Last October, dramatic reports emerged from Rome in the global social media of blatant attempts by the managers … Read more

The Catholic Film-makers

Featured Photo: Jim Morlino (l) and Daniel Rabourdin on location in France. Film is the future. As anyone who works in social media can tell you, the present and future generations will learn primarily through video​  – online and on TV. But what does this mean for catechesis? As education moves into the Video Age, … Read more

Heaven on Earth for Catholics

An Interview with Dr. John Rao For the last 24 years, every July a group of ‘in the know’ Catholics has converged on one of the most beautiful places in Italy – the azure waters, stunning gardens and magnificent summer palaces of Lake Garda. They come for a unique program of renewal, a kind of … Read more

Thomism, the Friars and the Truth

The Dominicans in Washington, DC By Meghan Ferrara Photos by: Fr Lawrence Lew, OP For 800 years, the Dominicans have been forming priests at the heart of the Catholic Church. Nowhere is this more evident than in a truly Catholic, amazing seminary like that of the Eastern Dominican Province of St. Joseph in Washington, D.C.  … Read more

Living the Truth in Charity

By Michael Durnan It’s not every day that a parishioner has the chance to quiz the Order which administers his church, but that’s exactly what REGINA writer Michael Durnan does in this far-ranging interview with Canon Jason Apple, General Prefect of the seminary of Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.  The subject is the … Read more