In the Shadow of America’s Most Unchurched State Capital

St Joseph’s in Salem, Oregon Article by Harry Stevens Photographs by Rick Keating It was 1853 – in the midst of a Famine which was killing fully one quarter of his countrymen — when the Irish immigrant Father James Croke saddled up his horse in Portland, Oregon.* Ahead of him lay a 47 mile-long trek … Read more


by Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor With all the hullabaloo on this topic, I have tried valiantly to avoid having a  knee-jerk opinion on altar girls. Now, however, I have actually spent some time thinking about it. And I do have an opinion, based on my personal experience both as a Catholic mother and REGINA’s Editor. … Read more

(A Breath-takingly Beautiful) Triduum at St. Mary’s, Warrington

Updated April 2021 Article by Beverly Stevens Photos by John Aron It was an august assembly for an historic event. In November 2015, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon O.P. of Liverpool – the Metropolitan Archbishop for the North of England – attended in choir the Mass of inauguration of St Mary’s, in Warrington, England. Also present was … Read more

Hanceville Says Goodbye to Mother Angelica

With all of the hullaballoo surrounding the passing of Mother Angelica, it’s easy to miss the people closest to her — her Alabama neighbors. Here’s some commentary by one of them, Regina writer Ginger Quick, on watching the body of Mother Angelica being brought to the Shrine she built in the heart of the Deep … Read more

God Lives Here

The Springtime of St Ann’s by Zachary Levering Photo Credits: Zachary Levering, John Cosmas, SueAnn Howell/Catholic News Herald The year is 1955. On August 15, the Feast of the Assumption, a parish is born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Situated on a quaint corner on South Charlotte’s Park Road and Hillside Avenue, it will be the … Read more

Requiem for a Nun with Nerve

by Beverly Stevens, REGINA Magazine Editor “Faith is one foot on the ground, one foot in the air and a queasy feeling in the stomach.” — Rita Antoinette Rizzo, AKA Mother Angelica She was an Italian-American original, a type I happen to know well. Cracking jokes, taking on the paladins in the bishops’ palaces, speaking … Read more

Time to Bring Tenebrae Out of the Shadows

by Clare Bowskill It is one of the oldest offices in the liturgy of the Catholic Church. It features some of the most beautiful music ever written. So why have so many of us never heard of it? Why am l completely in the dark about Tenebrae? During Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum, the three … Read more

Paratrooper Priest

He is 32 years old, often deployed, supporting French troops as a Catholic priest wherever the winds of war may take them.  His experience is telling, not only because he is from a country whose media and intellectual elite are often vituperatively anti-clerical, but because he is serving on dangerous missions to protect that same country. … Read more

The Nativity of Our Lord

By Jacob Boddicker, SJ All of history held its breath to stare Though no midnight chime did sound the hour Nor did any mighty trumpet blast dare, For then did awed silence hold all power. Yet all was shattered by a baby’s cry— The Word of God’s first wordless utter loosed— Followed soon by the Virgin’s … Read more

A Tale of Two Women

Photo Credit: Emanuele Capoferri They are Italian women, drawn to the beauty of the Latin Mass. Laura is 22; Marcella is 56. Both journeyed to Rome from their wide-flung regions for the golden October days of Summorum Pontificum 2015. While they were there, the Synod on the Family convened, where the Church’s hierarchy discussed how … Read more