9 June 2020 Saint Ephrem I read with great interest the essay of His Excellency Athanasius Schneider published on LifeSiteNews on June 1, subsequently translated into Italian by Chiesa e post concilio, entitled There is no divine positive will or natural right to the diversity of religions. His Excellency’s study summarizes, with the clarity that … Read more

Wedding at Cana

Second Sunday OT – 2019 Wedding at Cana By Father Michael Do whatever He tells you               Three great mysteries are commemorated regarding the Epiphany of our Lord. The adoration of the Magi, the Baptism of the Lord, and today we celebrate the third great Epiphany mystery, the marriage feast, the wedding at Cana. … Read more

Why Tradition- Why Now?

Why Tradition- Why Now? By Brian Williams Essays Why Tradition-Why Now? Liturgical Game Changers Why Aren’t More Masses Offered Ad Orientem Seven Reasons for the Use of Latin in the Mass The Affirmative Argument for Receiving Communion  on the Tongue The All Too Ordinary Use of Extraordinary Ministers Altar Rails and Reverence Altar Serving Seen … Read more

Witness to The Rite

Mike Church Sees Apostolic Succession, Live! Radio host Mike Church braved sizzling temperatures, along with 1500 other faithful Catholics, to attend the June ordination Mass of the Fraternity of St Peter in Denton, Nebraska. Here’s what he told REGINA about the experience. REGINA: Why were you at this ordination? MIKE: I made a promise to … Read more

Bringing the Latin Mass to a German Village

By Paul Dahnen St. Lambertus in Bliesheim is a 19th century neo-romantic church by Cologne regional architect Robert Ferdinand Cremer. The brick church has three naves, and a huge 54 meters-high west tower. Overall, St. Lambertus is very beautiful, and perfect for the Old Rite. There is still an elaborate high altar by the Cologne … Read more

Saint John of Beverley, Bishop

May 7 Today is the feast day of Saint John of Beverley. Ora pro nobis. John was born of noble parents at Harpham, Humberside. (1) In early life he was under the care of Archbishop Theodore, at Canterbury, who supervised his education, and is reputed to have given him the name of John. (3)   He … Read more

The Oath Against Modernism

The Oath Against Modernism What happened to this oath? Is it still being said? There is a good article by Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton about the background of the Oath (3) and Sacrorum antistitum by Saint Pius X dated July 7, 1907:  The oath continued to be taken until 17 July 1967, when the Congregation for the Doctrine … Read more

Rain in the Rectory

A Conversation with Canon Cristofoli Interview and photos by Michael Durnan It’s a neo-Gothic gem of a Catholic Church, perched high over once-Catholic Preston England. And now, St Walburge’s, along with the city’s breath-taking English Martyr’s Church, have been placed into the care of the Institute of Christ the King. Why is Preston ‘once Catholic’? … Read more

Conversation with a Young Dutch Convert

There are not many places on the planet with a bleaker outlook for the Church than in the Netherlands. Once a center of a vibrant Catholic culture, in the 1960s and 1970s Dutch avant-garde clerics embraced ‘The Spirit of Vatican II’ with a vengeance. The Dutch Catechism, published in 1966 by radical Dominican priest Edward … Read more