The old woman and her rosary, I see her every day.  With ancient pain deep in her eyes, She grips it tight to pray.   It is her dear companion, Her best friend in time of need. Old fingers dance in silent prayer, Then slide from bead to bead.   She thinks upon its mysteries; … Read more

He Is My Priest, One of My Sons

“No” Mom said, “don’t you ever talk about a Catholic Priest.” You lift them high and pray for them; an Ave in the least!” “Oh fine.” I muttered to myself and headed for the door. Our parish priest was such a grump, so harsh, and quite the bore!   Now here it was a Saturday; … Read more

Poem: Our Souls, They Are Not Dead

By Donna Sue Barry [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] To hear Donna Sue’s Oklahoma voice, click the arrow! In silence late one evening, I found myself alone, Enjoying for the moment some peacefulness at home. A steamy cup of coffee with a shot of Irish cream, Had lulled me into comfort when I drifted off to dream. The … Read more