The Eve of Christmas

By Jacob Boddicker, SJ The Eve of Christmas Unlooked-for came the Son of David then, Borne in the new Ark of a virgin’s flesh: The Bread of Heaven now in Beth-lehem, Spurned from inn, from home, denied warmth or rest. ‘tis then the Virgin’s labor did begin But not to birth, nay, rather to subdue, To … Read more

Our Lady of Guadalupe

By Jacob Boddicker, SJ In the bleak mid-winter of sorrow, sin, When naught ought blossom on Tepeyac mound Nor bird pick up its fife and merry sing ‘til the barren hill was by Mary crowned. Gold-gowned and round with child, the virgin ark Bearing the true priest-king for people lost In old world’s end ‘fore Old … Read more

The Nativity of Our Lord

By Jacob Boddicker, SJ All of history held its breath to stare Though no midnight chime did sound the hour Nor did any mighty trumpet blast dare, For then did awed silence hold all power. Yet all was shattered by a baby’s cry— The Word of God’s first wordless utter loosed— Followed soon by the Virgin’s … Read more

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Saint Teresa of Calcutta’s feast day today.  Ora pro nobis.  With withered face and folded hands, her knees worn hard from prayer, She walked the streets of India amidst the death like stares. Her sari draped bent body always searching for the poor, No longer seeks the needy as Teresa stoops no more.   Born … Read more

The Heart of a Red Dirt Oklahoma Girl

“OKLAHOMA! WHERE THE WIND COMES SWEEPIN’ DOWN THE PLAIN …” And indeed it does, and so it did that 28th day of January in 1955, the day I was born in red dirt country. Mom says that on that cold, cold Friday morning, I was already two weeks late getting there, and how my grandmother … Read more


A rosary clasped tightly In his little hands Just a small little guy With a spiritual plan   His worries were big As he knelt by his bed While thoughts of his daddy Kept filling his head   “My son”, Dad had said I am counting on you Take care of your Mom And take … Read more


Out to dinner with some girlfriends conversation turned quite deep, When one spoke up so boldly for an answer she did seek. Why do you go in early to this thing that you call Mass? Why wear that “thingy” on your head and do an hour fast?   And what about that little box where … Read more


A friend of mine said Lent was here And asked what I’d give up. I smiled and told her, “I dunno, How ‘bout my coffee cup?”   But all day long they haunted me, The words I’d said were trite, So when I fell asleep I knew It’d be no normal night.   I dreamt … Read more

Nuns in the Rain

Thunder roared as rain fell hard Upon the convent chapel. While solemn nuns, in deepest prayer, Waged forth a silent battle.   Their heads were bowed; their souls were sad, So heavy were their hearts. The Papal seat was empty and They had to do their part.   The Pope was gone and conclave on; … Read more


Come lay your head against my heart, I’ll bathe your soul with peace. It’s time you learn to trust me child, Let all your worries cease.   My blood was spilt to save your soul, I washed away your sin. Now open up your heart to love, Allow your Savior in.   “My yoke is … Read more