What We Can Do Now

Forming a New Generation in a Church in Crisis Interview by Natasa Wilkie Dr. Peter Kwasniewski is a well-known theologian, university lecturer, musician, and author, as well as a prolific blogger. He’s been heavily involved in the Catholic traditional movement both in the USA and in Europe. Lately, given the maelstrom the Church is engulfed … Read more

The Dead Theologians Society

By Meghan Ferrara Catholics say we believe in “the communion of saints.” But in the last 50 years, most young Catholics have learned almost nothing about our saints.  Enter The Dead Theologians Society, founded by youth minister Eddie Cotter, Jr  in 1997; since then the Society has been implemented in over 550 parishes and schools … Read more

A Dead Thing Goes With the Stream

Reflections on Starting Up a Winning Catholic High School By Natasa Zambelli-Wilkie Dale Ahlquist is all things Chesterton. Not only is he is an author, public speaker, Evangelical convert to Catholicism, and Catholic apologist, he has written, edited, or contributed to more than fifteen books on G. K. Chesterton. Dale is also the co-founder of … Read more

Stephanie Jones’ Diary: Victim, Complex

So here’s the surprising, paradoxical truth that I’ve come to know: I’m not a victim.  Christ has conquered death once and for all. I am owed nothing. The air filling my lungs, every breath, a gift I could never merit. The Spirit filling my depths… this gratitude for God, may it never leave me. May … Read more

The Egyptian Guide


Preface I first met the author of The Egyptian Guide at a conference a couple of years ago, where we chatted about writing. Evelyn had, I learned, been particularly struck by the similarity between the themes in my novels, especially I Am Margaret and Someday, and Evelyn’s own work-in-progress. In a spirit of solidarity with … Read more

US Catholic Anger at Mc Carrick Homosexual Scandal & Bishops’ Complicity is Swift

An ‘Open Secret’ for Decades The Summer of 2018 may well be remembered as the ‘Weeks of Rage’ among US Catholics, as sordid disclosures erupted in the media about the decades-long year career of serial sex predator Theodore Mc Carrick, 88. The recently-deposed  Cardinal is credibly accused of homosexual predation on boys starting at age … Read more

Phil Lawler Comes Clean

After a spirited and public defense of Pope Francis, the editor of the well-regarded Catholic World News Phil Lawler pens a highly critical book about the Argentine pontiff. Here, he speaks with REGINA about why. REGINA: You were at one time a vocal defender of Pope Francis; what inspired you to write ‘Lost Shepherd’? LAWLER: … Read more