The Egyptian Guide

Preface I first met the author of The Egyptian Guide at a conference a couple of years ago, where we chatted about writing. Evelyn had, I learned, been particularly struck by the similarity between the themes in my novels, especially I Am Margaret and Someday, and Evelyn’s own work-in-progress. In a spirit of solidarity with … Read more

Phil Lawler Comes Clean

After a spirited and public defense of Pope Francis, the editor of the well-regarded Catholic World News Phil Lawler pens a highly critical book about the Argentine pontiff. Here, he speaks with REGINA about why. REGINA: You were at one time a vocal defender of Pope Francis; what inspired you to write ‘Lost Shepherd’? LAWLER: … Read more

The Devil Hates Latin, CH, 4,5,6

The Devil Hates Latin

By Katharine Galgano (See chapter 1,2,3 Here) CHAPTER 4 Dyson White regarded his wife stoically as she moved among the pots on their rooftop terrace. It was an early spring morning in the Eternal City, and Michelle Orsini White was in a good mood. An avid gardener, his diminutive, dark-haired wife had managed through sheer … Read more

A Distant Prospect

A Distant Prospect Meet Lucy, a smart teenager with a bad attitude. She’s Irish, she’s Catholic and she’s stuck in a girls’ school. She’s also got polio and a boatload of bad memories. The year is 1928. The place is Sydney, Australia. REGINA is delighted to introduce you to Lucy and her world in this … Read more

For Auld Lang Syne

In 1788, Scotland’s greatest poet Robert Burns set his poem to a traditional folk hymn. In the 250 years since, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ has been traditionally sung at the conclusion of New Year gatherings around the world, especially in English-speaking countries. Auld Lang Syne begins by asking whether it is right that old times be … Read more

Heaven on Earth for Catholics

An Interview with Dr. John Rao For the last 24 years, every July a group of ‘in the know’ Catholics has converged on one of the most beautiful places in Italy – the azure waters, stunning gardens and magnificent summer palaces of Lake Garda. They come for a unique program of renewal, a kind of … Read more


It seems an impossible dream. Since 2011, Sorbonne graduate, EWTN alumnus and film-maker Daniel Rabourdin has been hard at work on a docudrama on the hidden horror of 140,000 French Catholic martyrs killed in 1796 – and up until recently denied by the French government. To get updated on his progress, REGINA recently spoke with … Read more