Attempted Beheading of Catholic Priest Giving Communion at Mexico City’s Cathedral Suppressed by Mainstream Media

These days, social media is leading the mainstream media everywhere. As a result, news stories formerly suppressed or ‘spun’ are being forced into the open in their raw state. This is definitely the case in tightly-controlled media markets like Mexico, where yesterday a Catholic priest was bloodily attacked while giving Communion to about 30 Mass-goers in Mexico City’s ancient Cathedral. The attacker, identified as a French Muslim by independent websites, was apprehended after he attempted to behead the priest.

However, the notoriously anti-Catholic Mexican mainstream media was mum about the very public attacks for hours after they took place. In fact, they have yet to report that the attacker proclaimed himself Muslim to onlookers.

REGINA sat down with our Mexico correspondent to get the facts about the story, which has yet to break in most English-speaking mainstream media markets. Carlo (not his real name) is a university professor in Mexico.

REGINA: How did you hear about the events at the Cathedral? 

CARLO: I saw some Facebook posts about it. The attack was at 6:00 pm, the first post I saw was published about 7:00 pm

REGINA: Who is the victim?

CARLO: The priest  is Miguel Angel Machorro, he’s 55 years old.

REGINA: Photos seem to show first responders on the scene and a great deal of blood. Do you know if there is any truth to the rumors that it was an attempted beheading?

CARLO: According to witnesses, the man tried to behead the priest, but he tried to escape and the man could just to stab the priest, three times.

REGINA: What are the major online publications and TV stations in Mexico?

CARLO: The major media for news are Televisa, Tv Azteca and Milenio, the last one is the youngest and seems to be more credible, both in TV and online. Also on line you can surf the web for Excelsior.

REGINA: Has there been any mention of the attack on these publications/TV?

CARLO: The first reports on the attack were Catholic web pages and people on Facebook. Then it went viral. So the mainstream media has had no other choice but to show something about the attack at night news.

REGINA: The Cathedral is possibly the most public venue imaginable in Mexico. But do most Mexican people know this has happened?

CARLO: People with no social networks just realized about the attack when TV news mentioned it.

REGINA: What is the mainstream media saying about this?

CARLO: Mexico City is postmodernist-cosmopolitan-tolerant city, so the media is not reporting that the attacker proclaimed himself a Muslim at the scene.

REGINA: Are there Mexican websites that report news objectively?

CARLO:  Every major media in Mexico is controlled by postmodernist people. For example, none of them will report the March for Life, or the March for the Family, or things like that. But you can go to:



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