Abortion on Demand in Mexico

REGINA: US-based NGO-led efforts to force legalized abortion on the Mexican population have been enthusiastically supported by the anti-Catholic government there — but what has been the effect on the people?

Derik Castillo Guajardo: The law on abortion has been publicized in mass media, and clinics like Marie Stopes have been opening in the Capital. I suppose that some women are attracted by abortion being legal, but it is not free, and probably is not within the reach of the lowest economical strata. Also it has produced a reaction among Catholics who organize to pray rosaries outside these places.

Maria Albers: Sadly, although most Mexicans are against abortion, it is the younger people, ages ranging from 18 to 25, who are in favor, which means that the younger generations feel comfortable with the idea of murdering the unborn. Of course that is not to say that every young person is for abortion; this is just a very broad overview. Those young people in favor have an average educational level (high school, bachelors’ degree or above), a median income and measure ‘success’ according to material or social achievements the way today’s society has taught them.

Here is something that you may have never heard: Mexicans look up to celebrities and literally do as they say. When the Government wants anything done, all it has to do is go through said celebrities to manipulate the masses. All it takes is one amoral celebrity to say that abortion is okay for millions to be convinced of that literally overnight.

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman: Abortion-on-demand is permitted in only one jurisdiction in Mexico, and that is the Federal District (Mexico City), where abortions for any reasons can be carried out during the first trimester. It is illegal in most cases in Mexico’s 31 states, which typically have exceptions only for rape, involuntary artificial insemination, fetal deformity, and the life of the mother. A very high percentage of Mexicans outside of Mexico City and particularly outside of the states immediately surrounding Mexico City are not aware of the existence of the Federal District’s very liberal abortion law.

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman: According to my conversations with the leadership of Mexico’s National Pro-Life Committee, which has been fighting abortion for over 30 years and has saved over one million lives from abortion, the legalization of abortion in Mexico City and the government’s constant propaganda campaign legitimating abortion as a woman’s “right” have had profound impacts on women’s sense of maternal piety. They found in the past that most women who were shown ultrasounds of their babies would keep them, but today an increasingly higher percentage are no longer moved by this. 

Frank and Irene Denke: Abortion is “pushed” by the government and well publicized.  We have heard women who have had abortions talk.  After realizing the tragedy that was inflicted upon their child and themselves by a Planned Parenthood abortion (and it was not safe!), are now very “pro-life life, and are giving talks to groups of people. 

Generally, Mexicans are pro-life, but the Government is forcing anti-life laws upon them. Thousands are sending letters to the government to protest its pro-abortion stance (and position favoring gay marriage).  At the same time, for years some very vociferous anti-life organizations have come here from the States, such as “Planned Parenthood”, and boast on their Mexican website that: “In April 2007, Mexico City legalized abortion during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. This was a huge victory not only for Mexican women, but for women throughout Latin America. After years of research and advocacy, public health experts, scholars, politicians, and advocates secured the right to safe abortion in one of the largest cities in the world. My organization, Mexfam (“Planned Parenthood” in Mexico ) played a significant role in securing this change.” 

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Ricardo Lara and Nathaly Robles: We live in a world of egoism, first comes the interest of each person. There are a lot of single people who support abortion just ‘because.’ The public health ministry used to make big campaigns on “sexual education” — teaching young people the importance of “living their lives” instead of having children. I believe many young people are totally convinced that abortion is not a homicide; they are blind to the reality because of the campaigns of the government.

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