A Catholic Caught Between Jihad and the Agenda

On the July 26 anniversary, Requiescat in pace, Pere Jacques Hamel

By Beverly Stevens, REGINA editor, July 27, 2016

Image: Patrick Cross and Catholicvote.org

ISIS has made its intentions clear: “the Christian community… “will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam. We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women….”  

It happened yesterday, but it could have been the 700’s. Yesterday, Pere Jacques Hamel, an octogenarian pinch-hitting for a vacationing parish priest in Normandy’s beautiful city of Rouen, was forced to kneel before the altar where he was saying Mass, and martyred.

Only a couple of old nuns and two parishioners were present to see this gentle servant of God beheaded by blood-stained jihadis. Two hundred years of aggressive secularism has had its effect. France today is a proudly secular state run almost exclusively by leftists; few French people attend Mass outside of the traditionalist Catholic community, which is astonishingly large and strong, though a secret outside of France.

This martyrdom is of course only the latest in a series of Islamist outrages that almost now daily attack the civilized world. In 2015, France endured more than 800 attacks on Christian places of worship and cemeteries – most unreported.

It is a dismal, infuriating pattern: early reports surface on the internet, filmed by someone with a smartphone. The mainstream media scrambles to report on what almost everyone on Facebook already knows.

Then, the disinformation begins. No one knows for certain who wielded the guns, the knives, or the bombs which eviscerate the innocent. The police do not jump to conclusions. The rumour mill starts to grind. Not Islamists, no. Possibly right-wingers, dressed in hobnailed boots? Or frustrated homosexuals, with ‘identity issues’? How about deranged ‘haters’ unaccountably set on the mass murder of strangers?

Finally, someone locates the Youtube or the Facebook Page where the now-deceased Jihadis openly boast of their murderous intentions. Most news outlets, mysteriously, do not give these revelations much play, preferring to focus instead on inane starlets attacking political candidates, or football, or kitten videos — indeed anything but the threat that is daily thrusting its long snout into the breathing space of just about everyone on the planet.

Why is this? Allahu Akbar does not fit the Narrative. In the view presented by the mainstream media across the West, almost without exception, we are governed by good, decent men and women who only want to promote global trade and peaceful relations. In a word, ‘Coexist’. These powerful men and women are just like us, the governed. They have children, even grandchildren. They live modest, decent lives. They are ‘public servants.’ They are against ‘hate’ and ‘judging’ we are solemnly assured, until of course Wikileaks reveals otherwise.

Most people are too busy to focus on this. We all want to believe that all is basically well, that these events are tragic anomalies, that everything is under control. When the furor dies down, we will all go back to our lives. As a Catholic, I will go back to my rosary and my Mass. I will ‘coexist’ of course, what choice do I have?

That the West’s political elites know this–and bank on it as the source of their power–is clear.  Politics as usual goes on in service of this agenda.  Payments are made into bank accounts.  Police in America will be targeted and executed by thugs paid out of slush funds.  Less spectacular attacks on women with children in the streets of Frankfurt or Paris or Peoria will go unreported.  School curricula will be changed to reflect the new world order.  Anyone questioning this will be ostracized, placed on ‘extremist’ list.  Public toilets will be gender -neutral. Children will be trafficked for the tastes of those who can pay for it.  Victims be damned.

Meanwhile, in the political arena, gargantuan egos collide,  seemingly impervious to the fact that the ‘little people’ now have a window into their world, far beyond what we used to see in their apparently-controlled media.

Today, the little people see the corruption, the double-dealing, the selling of favors, the gambling with our children’s lives. We understand that the mainstream media is also for sale. But most frighteningly of all, we see that our Western leaders are fiddling while Rome burns.

I think I speak for many millions when I say that I do not want the dystopian future all this portends. I do not want to live sandwiched between two forms of dhimmitude: Koran or Agenda-driven.

I think we can all take a healthy lesson from the experience of David Cameron, the once-powerful UK Prime Minister who by fiat imposed gay ‘marriage’ on that nation, and who was ignominiously swept aside by a tidal wave called ‘Brexit’ just a few short weeks ago.

It’s high time the little people of the world take a lesson from the little people of England. There is good precedent for this. Once upon a time in 1215 AD, a group of English Catholic nobles imposed something called the “Magna Carta” on a tyrannical king with an agenda, the beginning of ‘power to the people’.

While we still have any power at all, who do we elect to lead us in these dark and troubling times? Here’s a clue: whatever country you are in, ask yourself who the media hates, and then ask yourself why. Is it because they are such high-minded shamans, with a global view that is far superior to us mere mortals? Or is it for other, more pragmatic reasons?

I will say it in the ancient Roman Catholic language that those old nobles wrote their ‘Great Charter’ in 900 years ago: Requiescat in pace, pere Jacques Hamel. Ora pro nobis.


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